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LemoneyWay has been working in the american Cash Back industry since 2015. Our goal is to provide Cash Back solutions to serve different segments of the market. We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients and partners.


Lemoney OpenCashback

Lemoney OpenCashback allows your business to offer Cash Back to your customers through the creation of a virtual wallet. The accumulated Cash Back remains available for the customer to make new purchases in your business.

We have been working in the american market since 2015 with our own Cash Back platform. It has over 1,800 partner stores from different segments: Apple, Macy’s, Ebay, Walmart, Bloomingdale’s,, The Home Depot, Sephora, etc.
Our biggest differential is the Turbo Cash Back which allows us to offer one of the best Cash Back rates in the market.
In 2019, Lemoney was elected top 5 new publishers in the United States.

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